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Birthdate:Jun 28
Location:Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States of America
The Prey System is complex, has on average 10 different beings at any given moment. We had formerly referred to ourselves as being in a Headspace, but as many of the inhabitants migrate in and out at will, limiting their existence to just the Headspace isn't accurate. So now we refer to ourselves as the Prey System (Prey aka me being born to this body and doing all the darned hard work here kthxbai).

List of Tenants:
Prey - I was born to this body. I've had a relatively crappy life, though in the past three years it's turned around remarkably and I finally have some peace. 'Bout damn time.
Hiiro/Aki - He's what's known as a fiction-kin. He's been with me for ten years now, and we've been through a lot together. We lost our SoulMate to a cult roughly eight years ago, and have been struggling to recover.
Gabriel - Gabe and I have been together through lifetimes. Our lives started when we were best friends of an Angelic clan who fought side by side during a holy war. We died together, and have followed one another lifetime after lifetime since then.
Sasuke/Taki - Another fiction-kin, and younger brother to Hiiro. He rarely comes out anymore, after having been damaged by a manipulative ex.
Takeshi/Tenshi - Tenshi was born Takeshi, and is the son of Hiiro and our SoulMate, and is the oldest of triplets. He stayed with Hiiro, while his younger sister and brother disappeared with their mother. He prefers Tenshi as a way to distance himself from his past, however he still retains his mother's last name as part of his own.
Laerissa - Faerie from another plane of existence, one whose time is accelerated and, as such, her family has expired and she now remains here.
Solista - Dragon with an incredibly poor attitude. She's angry and doesn't hesitate to show it. She'd been dormant for quite some time, but has since come out of hibernation.

There are others here, but those are the major persons with whom you may speak if you wish.
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